I live in a space tight dorm room, where most of my storage is under my lofted bed. While browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon a link to a lazy susan shoe rack and was inspired. My brother and I put together a blue print plan and went off to Home Depot in search of some materials.

We found pre-fabricated circles (making our job much simpler). We purchased three 23″ circles for shelves and one 17″ circle for a base. We also picked up a 6″ x 10′ board, that I later cut into 4 sections to use as dividers. And most importantly we purchased a Shepherd 6″ lazy susan turnable which I later screwed into the base and the bottom 23″ shelf.

This is an image of what the turnable looks like. It’s $4.49 at Home Depot


After finding a YouTube video on how to find the perfect center of a circle, I screwed in the lazy susan turnable into the base and bottom shelf.

I created the dividers by cutting my 10′ board, with a circular saw, into four equal sections, just short enough to have about a 2″ inset from the edges of the shelves. I then cut into the middle of each of these dividers in order to groove two of them together.
Below is a rough sketch of how I put the dividers together.


Once I had the dividers together, finishing was all a matter of screwing them into the center of the shelves.


My lazy susan shoe rack fits perfectly under my bed, but you could modify it to meet your space needs.