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Barn Wood Mirror



This framed mirror is made from 2×4’s from a 100 year old barn. No fancy joinery necessary here. The boards are glued together using pipe clamps and then a plywood board is screwed on the back of the 2×4’s. The mirror is glued into the middle section. The hinges are screwed into the 2×4’s for aesthetics. The barn wood is finished with a water based polyurethane. This is easily a weekend project.


Barn Wood Bench

barnwood bench 1barnwood bench 2

barnwood bench 3

This is made from the same lumber taken from the 100 year old barn that I tore down. It’s an interesting mix of douglas fir, oak, and redwood. All is old growth and has very tight grain. Needless to say, the bench ended up substantially heavy. I used through mortises to connect the legs to the top. Then I drilled dowels through the mortise and tenons to secure them from falling out if the glue should fail. I drilled from the middle of each of the two outside boards so the dowels would not show up on the bench top. Once the dowels were drilled and glued in, I put the sleeve over both ends to hold all four boards together. I used a dado blade to cut the ends of the 2×4’s to fit into the sleeve. The sleeve was made using a mortiser. It was finished with a water based polyurethane. This ended up going to a Christmas exchange