Welcome to our Cafe!! My roommate and I have a real hankering for coffee and we wanted to make a little cafe bar in our living room. With some Pinterest inspo, $2, and some elbow grease, here’s our finished product! IMG_1276When we moved in, this desk was in our condo and our landlady told us to do with it as we pleased. I figured I’d use if for some project but didn’t have time for it at the moment, so it spent a winter on our back deck. IMG_1133Enduring the great outdoors, the desk got a little beat up and suffered water damage. But we figured it just added a “rustic” vibe to it.

I gathered my few supplies at a local thrift store. Which included $1 paint brush and $1 old can of paint (which I ended up getting for free at the register, so we’ll count the other dollar toward gas). We love free!!

IMG_1258 First I removed the top of the desk that was attached with only a few screws, thankfully this some what protected the top surface from compete water damage.

IMG_1134I then removed the drawers and the hardware on them in order to begin painting.

IMG_1259After wiping down all the surfaces with a wet rag, I started layering on the paint. I didn’t bother to sand or prime the surface, I would recommend this for a more finished look. IMG_1261After about three coats of paint the brown no longer peaked through, I let it dry over night and the next day I simply reattached the pulls and brought it inside. With a few finishing touches and a fresh bouquet of flowers, we had a revamped coffee corner and this time it has storage.

Here’s what we were using before (blah):


And here’s our before and after of the new set up:


IMG_1276Thanks for reading! Please leave any comments or questions below!