Moving into a standard white walled dorm room is not appealing to me and upon ample exploration on Pinterest I found the idea of creating a burlap headboard to spruce up the place. Along with a few other little details, my roommie and I had the cutest place on the block.


The first day I arrived on campus, I hauled my best friend Callie, to the local Home Depot store to pick up a sheet of insulation sheathing, which is basically styrofoam. Unfortunately, the shortest piece they carried was 8 feet long, making the task of getting it back to my dorm room quite comical since Callie’s car was a few feet shy of that mark. Thankfully we were able to bend it enough to close the trunk of her SUV.

Here’s the link to what we purchased:
insulation sheathing

From this sheet I was able to cut the exact shape headboard I desired with a razor blade. I went with a “Portman” shape, at least that’s what Pinterest tells me. After this, I measured out about how much burlap I would need to cover the insulation sheathing and began to wrap it around the back, securing it with a combination of hot glue, staples, and duct tape.

Warning: this is not pretty. But no one sees the back, right?

After about an hour long struggle of trying to keep all the material in place, I finished off my project with a little bit of shininess. I picked up some nickel furniture nails at my local Ace Hardware Store and superglued each one in place around the outer rim of my headboard.

This was a lengthly task my new roommate, Katrina, happened to find me in the middle of when she arrived to move in. Although surprised at first, she too was onboard for project “dorm beautiful.”

Here’s a picture with all the nails in place:


To dress up the rest of my corner, I added some lace curtains, a poster, canvas paintings, and some photos of my family. The curtains I bought at a thrift store for $4. And I hung them from the ceiling with some Command Strip hooks. I found this poster of Paul Newman at Beverly’s for $3.
After putting it up on the wall, I finished off the edges with a navy blue ribbon to tie it in with my bedding. I found the idea for my whale canvas paintings on… you guessed it, Pinterest. You can also buy them on Etsy, but I painted my own.

Using my iPad, I was able to trace them image and then transfer it onto the canvases. After that, it was only a matter of keeping the paint within the lines. I thought the whale would fit in nicely since we live on the coast.

And wah-la! Here’s a photo of project “Dorm Beautiful”: